Our Favorite New Orleans Themed Wedding Favors

When getting hitched in The Big Easy, it only makes sense to add a little bit of that extra New Orleans flair to your wedding in order to personalize your special day. For some, that means a second line parade, for others, traditional Cajun cuisine, but if you want your event to be truly memorable, consider sending your guests home with a fun and creative New Orleans themed favor! This is a great way to forever remind your guests of how we party down in N’awlins! The following is a list of our favorite New Orleans themed favors that we at The Balcony Ballroom have seen over the years: 



Beignet Mix
Anyone who has spent extended time in New Orleans has undoubtedly paid a visit to the famous Café Du Monde. Located in the French Market downtown, Café Du Monde is noted for it’s serving of café au lait and their square, French-style donuts covered in powdered sugar. Beignets are a New Orleans traditional dessert and a local favorite you can’t find anywhere else! 




Mini Coffee and Chicory
Anything miniature sized is sure to be a hit as a wedding favor. Sending your guests home after a night of dancing and drinking with a mini coffee and added chicory will
not only boost the flavor, but it’s also a great way to preserve this French custom that has become unique to Louisiana.  

Want to send your guests home with a treat as sweet as your newlywed love? 
Pralines are a delicious New Orleans classic candy containing nuts and caramelized
sugar. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth! 


Zapp’s LSU Potato Chips
Anyone from Louisiana knows we take our LSU Tiger pride VERY seriously. For couples looking to incorporate some school spirit into their wedding, consider Zapp’s New Orleans kettle style potato chips in their signature LSU Tiger Tators
flavor. Other flavors include Mesquite BBQ, Cajun Dill, Voodoo etc.  






Mini Tabasco Sauce
Mini Tabasco sauce bottles are a fun way to spice up your reception! After all, the home of the world famous Tabasco Sauce is right here in Louisiana! The pepper fields grow right out on Avery Island, which is also home to the Tabasco factory



Fleur de Lis  
If you want to stay clear of the food and drink route, consider a more permanent
favor by leaving your guests with a fleur de lis styled trinket to remember the night
by. We’ve seen everything from fleur de lis candles to coasters to koozies! This is an
opportunity to get creative. After all, it’s a well-known New Orleans symbol and the
logo of our beloved Saints! 

Whatever you choose, your wedding will undoubtedly be memorable when you
incorporate a bit of that NOLA style spirit we’ve all come to know and love.  

Author: Erin McCluskey

Editing and Photo Selection: Ainslie Blanke