BRIDAL B.S. (Balcony Secrets!!!) SURPRISE!! Marlene & Bill at The Balcony Ballroom

We were honored to host the 55th Wedding Anniversary of Marlene and Bill!!  What a sweet gift from their children!!  Weddings have become so much more detailed-filled then 55 years ago.  We are worried about the dress and the centerpieces and the music list and the cake and the icing on the cake ;) that we sometime forget what the celebration is really all about....the MARRIAGE (duh!)

In the decade that's filled with personalized customization: from your phone cover to your monogrammed linens, VOWS are something that seem to get overlooked quite often. Here are a few tips to help you (and even your Groom) write the most amazing, personalized vows that you'll still cherish 55 years later!

1. GET INSPIRED: By-the-book vows have been around for centuries so it's time to head to the library (if you know what that is anymore;) and do your research!  Start reading vows from your own religious faith, then expand from there.  This is a great jumping off point to see what you really want to say in your own ceremony.

2. CHECK IN WITH THE FIANCE: To make sure everyone is on the same page, discuss what kind of tone you will want to set for your vows: funny? romantic? Poetic? Some other points to consider: will you be writing them together? Apart? Will they be the same or different?? Will you go over them together OR keep them a secret (my personal choice;)

3. PROMISES: It's always a good idea to mention some of the promises you are making....since that's what vows are all about.  Be general and specific. "I promise to cherish you!" and "I promise to always make your favorite cran-apple pie for dessert...cause I know you love it;)

4. WRITERS BLOCK: Having trouble getting started?? Start small....make a list of easy questions about your lives together and the answers will encourage you to get started.  Here are some examples: 

  • Where did you meet?
  • Where was your first date?
  • What makes your relationship work?
  • What is your favorite quality about your partner?
  • What are some activities you have in common?
  • When did you realize you were in love?
  • What do you miss about them when you're apart?
  • What is the most exciting thing about your future?

5. THE DRAFT: Now it's time to get all of these thoughts and memories down on paper!  Organize in such a way that you get right to the point: affirm your love, praise your partner, offer promises and end with the final vows.

6. BEWARE OF QUOTES!!: Now that you have a good outline going, it's time to make it romantic!!  It's always great to rely on a favorite movie or love story to show them how you really feel.  Just make sure you are only "peppering" with quotes...and not just stringing them together.....we want to hear YOUR voice and YOUR real words;)

7. DON'T EMBARRASS ANYONE: We all have inside stories and nicknames that we share with our loved one, but not every story is appropriate for everyone to hear!! You want to limit your inside jokes and obscure codes to a minimum, keeping everyone involved and interested.  If you are okay with it, have a friend look over the vows to make sure they will be understood and appreciated. 

8. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: Reading your vows to yourself over and over is NOT enough.  It's time to get up and SPEAK UP!!  Make sure you speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear.  Make sure you speak at a pace that everyone will understand, but that won't drag on.  Ask your Maid of Honor if she could be your audience.  The more practice before the wedding day, the better your vows will be when it counts.  Remember, the entire wedding day is filled with butterflies and nervous energy, so you want to make sure you are very comfortable reading your vows prior to putting on the veil;)

9. FRAME WORTHY COPY: After all the edits are complete and the final draft is done, copy the vows to a clean looking card or card stock.  As you are reading them on your wedding day, the photographer will be shooting.  So you want to make sure the vows are presentable enough for your wedding album. ( ***BONUS***: if you choose a gorgeous stationary for your vows to be hand-written, it would be the perfect 1st Year Anniversary gift to frame for your hubby. It makes the "paper" themed gift the best one of all;) 

xoVanessa, -Bridal B.S.