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Nail Polish Addiction

Women often face a hard decision when it comes to picking out a nail polish color, especially a color that will be admired every time you glance down at your hands for two weeks. You must choose a color amongst hundreds that describes yourpersonality and sass. I’m not here to talk about how hard it is to pick out the perfect nail color for the week, but to help you choose the perfect nail color for the most exciting and memorable day in a girls life, her WEDDING DAY:)

Thinking about how hard it is to choose a nail polish color on a regular day, is overwhelming but on your spotlight day, it can lead to huge indecisiveness. Just think about all of the pictures that will be taken of you holding your new husband’s hand with your rings matched up together. Basically all 10 nails will be a part of every picture on your wedding day! One thing for certain is that your nails will be front and center on the most memorable day of your life. I am here to help you make sure your hands and nails are wedding picture perfect!

The Best of the Best Nail Salons

According to Gambit’s Best of New Orleans the top 3 places for manicures/pedicures areee…

1) Earthsavers has four large salons in the New Orleans area. Not only do they serve manicures and pedicures, but they also offer facials, massages, hair and makeup stylist, and spa treatments! There’s nothing like an awesome spa day with your best friends and bridesmaids!!!

2) Coming is second is Serenity Spa- on Tchoupitoulas St. in New Orleans is where you can find this calm get-away. Along with FABULOUS spa treatments, their manicures/pedicures are just as divine!

3) Third is the Belladonna Day Spa- on the famous Magazine St. This beautiful salon has all kinds of tricks up their sleeve. They offer basic manicures, luxury and beach pedicures, organic skin care treatments, full body therapeutic massages, mud body rituals and so much more.

Helping to Choose the Perfect Color Combinations: I thought that the best way to find out the best nail polish color for the big day was to simply call the professionals and ask for the most popular wedding day requests are.

With no hesitation, most of the salons answered that the classic and clean french white tip (acrylic sets most of the time) was the way to go. If you want to add a little sparkle to the nail, just add rhinestones to the ring finger nail which can give a little sass ;)

Next, you might choose a simple organic nude color to help make that beautiful wedding ring POP.

Third, you could select the clean, solid ivory polish color to go along with the beautiful ivory wedding dress that you will be strapped into on the BIG DAY.

Another fun, spunky way to show off some personality is to match your nails with the bridesmaids dress color. If the color is too bold, try painting that splash of color only onto your newly occupied ring finger:) Having that little bit of matching color can really tie the whole bridal party look together!

A more subtle way to add some matching color pop is to bring it all the way down the the toes! It’s no secret that the long wedding dress hides your feet most of the night, but when it comes to the garter pull or if you're planning to change into a shorter dress later on in the evening, those little piggies will be in full view!

Having a little pop of matching color can be a sassy, fashionable way to bring your color theme displayed from tip to toe.


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