Christi and Roxie at The Balcony Ballroom

Family is everything!!! Love y'all so much!! Congrats! Love, The Balcony Ballroom

Christi and Roxanne
Ceremony held at The Balcony Ballroom
Balcony Ballroom linens: white petal and gold glitz
Wall lights: soft gold and white
Flowers: Flowers by Kori
First dance: "You Are the Best Thing"
Brides and their Fathers: "Isn't She Lovely"
Bridal party: "Got To Give It Up"
Favors: Koozies and almonds

When you're in cahoots with The Balcony Ballroom, you get more than a wedding reception venue - you get everything you've ever dreamed of in one place. And that's something no other wedding venue in New Orleans can do. The Balcony Ballroom is a vintage-inspired wedding hall located in Metairie, LA.