Diana and Bryson at The Balcony Ballroom

Diana and Bryson Sylvester
Ceremony held at The Balcony Ballroom
Balcony Ballroom linens: white petal and black satin
Wall lights: red and white
First dance: "Is This Love"
Bride and her Father: "If I Could"
Groom and his Mother: "Because You Loved Me"
Bridal party: "I Found Love"
cakes: Swiss
Favors: pralines, candy, and bracelets

When you're in cahoots with The Balcony Ballroom, you get more than a wedding reception venue - you get everything you've ever dreamed of in one place. And that's something no other wedding venue in New Orleans can do. The Balcony Ballroom is a vintage-inspired wedding hall located in Metairie, LA.