Bridal B.S. (Balcony Secrets!!!) Perfect Hair for your Mardi Gras event!

As we say in New Orleans, Laissez Les Bon Ton Temps Rouler! Mardi Gras is rolling in fast and early this year!! In addition to the parades and festivities going on there are a number of awesome balls and parties as well! Many women find it difficult to pick a hairstyle for a number of reasons. If you are thinking about having your hair done for one of these events, I have some tips to share with you!

There are so many stunning hairstyles you could choose from! You many want something curly and messy, or something smooth and sleek. Just remember to be flexible when your heart is set on that one Pinterest photo you have picked out for your stylist! Recreating a style to be identical to the one you have chosen is sometimes very difficult. Try and pick out a few different photos instead of just one so you have several options to choose from or even a combination of them all!

Don't worry about what haircut you have! You can have anything from very long thick hair to very short or thin hair and you'll still be able to have a great hairstyle for your event! If your hair is very short you could wear it teased with the side pieces pulled back or add in some extensions to be able to wear it all up! Even if your hair is very long or thick your stylist will be able to work with your hair type and have it looking gorgeous on you!

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Another important thing to consider is how the weather will be that night. We all know our "wonderful" southern humidity has a huge impact on our hair! With this being said you should consider wearing your hair all up instead of wearing it down. Doing this will assure you that your hair will hold better and you won't have to worry about your curls not holding or it starting to look frizzy throughout the night! If your heart is set on having some curls down, then I would recommend wearing your hair half up half down. Then you have the best of both worlds, some down and curled and some pulled back off your face!

Another thing to take into consideration is the style of your dress! If your dress is very fancy and elegant you may want your hair to be more formal. On the other hand, if your dress is colorful or more casual, you may decide you want your hairstyle to be less formal and more fun. Typically when you have a side updo you will want it to be on the opposite side of your part. Unless you have a one shoulder dress, then you will want your updo to be on the opposite side that the strap is on! If your dress has sleeves, both straps, or is even strapless then whether you chose to do something to the side or in the middle would be up to you!

So remember to always let the good times roll with beautiful hair!!  I hope these few tips help out when you are trying to choose the perfect hairstyle for your upcoming Mardi Gras event or any other events you may need your hair done for!! :)

-Lydsay Lund

Lyndsay Lund Tally started working at Up'Sa Daisy 4 years ago with no intention on becoming a hair stylist.  Her mother is a stylist and Lyndsay grew up in the salon-life. But, after working for Up'Sa Daisy as the receptionist, she fell in love with the business! She then went to school to get her license and has been doing great hair ever since;)

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