Amanda and Thaddeus at The Balcony Ballroom

Amanda and Thaddeus Theriot-Greenwell
Ceremony held at St. Louis Cathedral
Colors: Tiffany blue
Balcony Ballroom Linens: Tiffany blue satin and white glitz
Wall lights: Tiffany blue and white
Father/daughter: "My Girl" -The Temptations
Mother/ son: "Sunrise, Sunset"
Favors: bookmarks and handkerchiefs
Cakes: Swiss Confectionery
Guest book: custom book with engagement pictures and a passage from their favorite books on each page

Wedding Fun Facts:
     1. Some of the Amanda's closest friends sang "For Good" as part of their speech
     2. The newlyweds love to read so they took their engagement pictures at the library
     3. The Bride and Groom drove off in a decorated "Just Married" truck