Bridal B.S. (Balcony Secrets!!!) HOT Wedding Colors coming your way!!

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged brides from this Holiday season!! All of us at the Balcony Ballroom are here to help you through every step of the way – from choosing your date and planning the reception to the minute you are whisked away into your getaway car. One of the first big things that brides have to decide on is the color pallet. This can be quite stressful, as it is one of the major focal points of your big day.   To help you with this challenging task, we have studied and worked side-by-side with national experts at and we are now ready to forecast the future colors of the season for your wedding! 

Here are some of our new favorite color schemes:


For the Spring Bride:

Neon, Beige and Papaya

This unexpected color combination is fun and bright for a spring wedding. The beige would be a great color for things like linens and bridesmaid’s dresses and then you could add the neon and papaya in as accents in flowers, boutonnieres, invitations, and favors.


Light Teal, Tangerine and Salmon

If you’re not quite bold enough to go with the neon/beige/papaya color combination, the light teal/tangerine/salmon color scheme is still a great way to add pops of color to your big day. This is also a great way to incorporate whimsical elements like pinwheels and fun flowers to make your big day a springtime daydream!

Peach, Periwinkle and Pearl

If you’re more of a classic bride with a vision of a vintage soiree, then this color scheme will make your day feel like a colorful blast from the past. Brides who want a vintage wedding often stick to ivory/cream/pearl pallets, but by adding a light pink and blue, you can have a day that rivals your grandmother’s all while adding demure pops of classic and chic color.

For the Summer Bride:

Hunter, Oregano and Peony

This earthy combination is a great mix of feminine and masculine hues if you are going for a natural-feeling summer gathering. These colors also go great with wooden accents and tan linen, both of which are staples of Southern summer weddings.

Nude, Cadmium Red and Sienna

This color pallet is a great combination for a hot, late summer wedding. The cadmium and nude are great ways to make your wedding feel warm and casual, but the sienna definitely ups the glam-factor. This color combination will make your big day as red-hot as your love!!

Violet, Fuchsia and Avocado

For the whimsical summer bride, picking violent and fuchsia is a great way to make your wedding colors feminine and bright. Adding the avocado green tones down the two bright colors all while giving the color scheme an earthy and natural feel. One of the best ways to pull these colors into your wedding is by using bright summer blooms in your bouquets and décor. (FYI, we have a new violet linen on the way!!!)



For the Fall Bride:

Salmon, Terra Cotta and Maroon

This warm, rustic color pallet is the perfect way to pull the warm fall tones into your big day. Just because the leaves are losing their colors outside doesn’t mean that your wedding needs to be bland inside!!. Terracotta and maroon are classic warm fall hues, and the salmon lightens things up a bit all while adding a feminine touch to your color scheme. Not loving the maroon??...our chocolate satin linens would be perfect with this!! (and they are here waiting for you!!!)

Burgundy, Creamsicle and Plum

Though this pallet contains the warmer fall colors, it errs from the traditional route with the addition of a light orange instead of the usual burnt sienna seen in many fall weddings. The burgundy adds drama to the color scheme, but the plum and creamsicle balance it out where it doesn’t take over your wedding. (fresh creamsicle flowers would look AMAZING on our plum petal linens!!)



Rose, Willow and Cream

This combination is a gorgeous way to make your day feel earthy and vintage at the same time. The rose/willow/cream pallet is definitely more on the neutral side, but they look so pretty together, so it will work well with a fall wedding. This is a great way for fall brides to avoid the usual burgundies and maroons that we see so often in the fall months if that’s not their cup of tea.

For the Winter Bride:

Bronze, Pewter and Cream

This color scheme is by far one of my favorites and it is one that many brides rule out because it has two metallic colors. This pallet brings so much drama and elegance to your big day and when I think of bronze/pewter/cream, I envision the ballroom scene from Titanic. The possibilities are endless with this combination, so before you rule it out, think of the old-world charm that it could bring to your big day!  To me, this encapsulates the Balcony Ballroom...mixing metallics is our specialty, and you will look SPECTACULAR in the midst of it all. (our gold glitz linen with antique finish is a MUST for this wedding!) 


Black, Crimson and Robin’s Egg

Though this combination is sometimes overlooked, it has lots of potential to bring a lighter, fun feel to your wedding. With careful, graphic details like bold lines and stripes, black/crimson/robin’s egg is a great way to add color to a season filled with creams, metallics and dark tones.

Navy, Blush and Silver

I have to say that we saved the best for last! This is one of my favorite combinations to see in the Balcony Ballroom because of the luxe, upscale feel it brings to the BB. Though navy/blush/silver is a very popular winter pallet, it is absolutely classic and brings a wintery formality to your big day, even though it may be 70° outside. 

And I will leave you with one last thing to think about: the Balcony Ballroom already has most of these colors to choose from in our linen selection....and if we don't, we can get it.  And if that isn't enough, we have over 4.2 BILLION color variation in our walls lights and our table pin-spots.  We will be sure to customize and color your day perfectly JUST FOR HUE!!!

Francesca Holt studies Mass Communication and has a keen eye for design and detail. She loves all things Louisiana and her hobbies include exploring new cities, restoring antique furniture and listening to live bands with friends.