Ana & Trey at The Balcony Ballroom

Did you see the size of that cake?!?!?!  And it's gorgeous!!  And it's delicious!!!!

We are so blessed to be in New Orleans with so many delicious bakeries.  The only problem is choosing which bakery to use for your special day.  Here are a few tips to make your decision a little bit "easier to swallow" ;)

1. Taste the Cake: Although some bakeries can accommodate walk-ins for a cake tasting, it's best to call ahead and set up and appointment.

2. Select a Style: Your cake should be a continuation of your style for the wedding.  Bring the baker swatches of fabric and colors to make sure your cake will be compatible.

3. Size it: Depend on the expert baker to tell you what size  or how tall of a cake you will need for your amount of guests.  Remember, at The Balcony Ballroom, the ceilings are over the sky is the limit!!!

4. Price it out: In my opinion, it's never a good idea to cut the size of your cake to save "dough" because almost EVERYONE will want a slice of cake.  So, it's best to keep the details simple to bring down the costs.  Cake is priced per slice ranging from $1.50 - $15.00 PER SLICE!!! To keep your costs on point, opt for buttercream instead of fondant.  Instead of handmade sugar flowers, choose fresh seasonal flowers to add.  You might even want to have your florists involved....they could collaborate with the baker to make a perfect floral masterpiece!!

5. Climate Control: No need to worry about your cake sweating at The Balcony Ballroom.  In here, it's usually a crisp 69 degrees.  So you can choose any icing you desire....from delicate meringue to a sturdy fondant we'll keep it cool and fresh.  Also, we've got you covered....literally!!  When you cake arrives here, even on the most rainy of days, your cake will enter under our convenient covered  portico to keep it rain-drop free!!!

6. Let HIM eat cake: Did you know that the Groom's cake was purely a  Southern tradition?? What can I say, the South does it best!! What a great way to give the guests a little taste of chocolate!! (or any other flavor he likes)!!   My only advice on this matter, is to make it different from the Bride's cake.  Time and time again I see a disappointed guest who was waiting for me to slice into chocolate, only to find out it was "wedding cake"....again. 

7. Display: There is no need to worry about your cake NOT being displayed properly at The Balcony Ballroom.  Our new cake platform is prominent and one will miss your beautiful dessert.   We also have several cake stands for you to choose from, to give it that extra something ;)

8. Coordinate: There is no reason to worry about your cake not making it to the reception.  Just give us the name of the bakery and we will do the rest to be sure you cake is here and displayed in plenty of time.

9. Service: At The BB, you will see where every piece of sweetness goes; whether it's passed to your guests on our china, or individually wrapped in our Balcony cake bags to take home, your guests will be able to enjoy your wedding cake in the ballroom and out. 

10. Anniversary Treat: To enjoy your top layer on that 1st anniversary, Haydel's suggests double wrapping your cake in saran wrap and then aluminum foil before heading to the freezer.  I also hear putting a plastic bag over all of that might help to ensure that your cake will be amazing!!

xoVanessa, The Balcony Ballroom