Andree and Philippe at The Balcony Ballroom

Andree and Philippe had an amazing wedding at The Balcony Ballroom!!  I remember the day that Andree decided to book her wedding with us.  She asked me the same question that so many Brides ask: What can I do to make my day unique??

In New Orleans, we really know how to have a good time and how to throw an amazing party, so making your event unique is all about those personal touches.  Choosing your own linens, setting your customized lighting and picking your personalized GOBO is something that The Balcony Ballroom covers for you.  To continue with your own personal touches, FAVORS are the way to go!!

It's not about the BEST's about the ones that are most personal to you!!  If you're a dentist...hand out a tooth brush.  If you're a CPA....give 'em a calculator!  If your obsessed with hot dogs and all things New Orleans....bring in the Lucky Dog stand!!!

It was a GIANT hit for all of Andree & Philippe's out of town guests as well as a treat for her New Orleans family.  When the music faded out and the last drink was poured, the hot dogs were a great end-of-night surprised for everyone!!

So even though their reception had to come to an end, all the personal touches provide by The Balcony Ballroom and Andree & Philippe, really ensured such a wonderful way to begin their lives together.

"Lucky Dogs Inc. is a unique fast food company offering an impulse item that serves as a snack, an appetizer, or a meal in itself. We are ideally suited for the modern craze called “grazing” or eating on the run…A Lucky Dog in one hand, a soft drink in the other. We have proven to be highly successful in airports, casinos, malls, sport stadiums, and numerous other heavily trafficed areas where service and speed are at a premium.

We’re an old company, but we have exciting new concepts. Though we do not have “golden arches” we do have a proven record-over 21 million hot dogs sold during the past fifty years. Part of our ambience is our uniquely designed kiosk and carts which capture the character and charm of our French Quarter operation."