Bridal B.S. (Balcony Secrets!!!!) Terase and Wilbert at The Balcony Ballroom

Down in New Orleans, it's no surprise that we love color: our food is colorful....our music is colorful....our floats are colorful!! So when Terase said "Yes" to Wilbert, it was no surprise that her wedding would be filled with color as well.  She was still deciding the day before her wedding what linens to choose...she loved so many;)

At The Balcony Ballroom, we have so many vivid things already included.  Plus, we offer over 4.2 billion color combinations with our state of the art lighting system in our building!  But, I did a little research and came up with some great personal touches that will add a pop of color that we don't even have;)

1. At The Balcony Ballroom, the bubbles and libations will flow freely for the night of your wedding.  BUT, having a signature colorful cocktail is the perfect way to add color AND a personal touch to your event.  Having trouble creating one?, Martha Stewart and Pinterest ALL have articles to help.  Don't forget, we are here to help, too;)

2. In continuing with the drink theme, The Perfect Palette also suggested adding colorful striped straws to any fun beverage!! My sister was married at The BB last year, and that is exactly what we did.  The yellow and white straws made any glass SUPER festive.  We can also just add them to the frozen drinks, for a more subtle splash;)

3. As of late, I have seen plenty of bridal parties adorned in gentle pastels, that reflect the Bride.  What I haven't seen as of yet, is a Bride wearing a color.  Although many fashion magazines suggests that girls are opting to "ditch the traditional white" for a colorful gown, I'm not sure if the trend has taken off quite yet.  Now, dress aside, I do LOVE seeing a beautiful bright heel peeking out of a cloud white tells everyone that this Bride has a playful side to her, even on her most sacred of days.  (HINT: don't leave out the guys!!!  Matching your shoes to his bright boutonniere brings your "coupledom" to the next level)

4. Passing wedding cake on engraved napkins has become a thing of the past.  Instead, why not order some stacks of colorful cocktail napkins.  This way, everyone with a beverage will be holding your hue in the palm of their hand.  For an extra big splurge, order those Second Line handkerchiefs for us to distribute before the bass drum walks through the door.  

5. The most obvious real estate to add your tinge would be the linens for the tables.  In most cases, buying or even renting linens is an expense that no one wants to confront.....BUT.....The BB has got you covered.  With over 120 color combination to choose from, you will certainly find a match to DYE for;)  From Tiffany blue satin to Blush silk to Watermelon petal to Glitz linens in the most eye catching colors around, you will certainly find a tint that is perfect for your big day.    If that isn't enough, calling in a professional florist will make your dreams come to FULL color, in FULL bloom on every table with floral centerpieces.  Too pricey for fresh petals on every table??  No need to wilt....just change out the small arrangements here for a pop of color OR make a few special arrangements for the reserved tables for a shout out to Mom & Dad.