Bridal B.S. (Balcony Secrets!!!) Leia and Michael at The Balcony Ballroom

Leia and Michael had an amazing wedding.  Why?? Because they weren't afraid to ask questions and get what they really wanted for their big day.  All too often, we see couples make mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place.  Here at The BB, with over 10,000 weddings on our belt, we are always ready to make adjustments with anything that comes our way, but here are some things to consider whilst planning. (yes, I used the word "whilst";)

GUEST LIST: Let's be honest, not everyone is great with RSVPs.  SOOO, you must compensate for them: If you are really worried about going over your number, a alphabetical guest list is a sure-fire way of keeping the count in check.  Hire an attendant where that is his/her sole job for the evening.  It will make the night "bother-free" for you and your hubby, AND you won't be hit with any overage charges.  STICK TO THE LIST!!  Keep in mind, at The Balcony Ballroom, you can up your guests count as late as the week before your wedding.  We want to make sure we are as prepared as possible, but are always ready to accommodate a few surprise guests, too. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Hire a PRO!! Even if you have the smallest budget out there, it's always best to spend it on the big things like the photography.  The "high" from the event will lasts for months, but the pictures will be there for a lifetime.  And wouldn't it be best to let your friends and family enjoy themselves at the event INSTEAD of working;) ANNNNDDD...hiring a professional will get you the best pictures in the least amount of's a WIN/WIN situation!!  (note: with our private photography mezzanine, the pictures will be over in a flash;)

VIDEOGRAPHER: There are several pieces of advice that I can give you with our 40 years of experience at The Balcony Ballroom, but planing my sister's wedding last year, took it to a new level.  With that being said, I made a mistake: I let her talk me out of hiring a videographer.  As priceless as the pictures are, seeing her walk down the aisle, or her dancing with our Dad is best captured on film....and we missed it.  What did I learn from my mistake: videography is key!!

DO the 'DO: On your big day, as the Bride, you don't want to be the first in the chair.  But sometimes, with a bevy of beauties running behind schedule, being last can turn out to be a HAIR-DON'T.  Schedule your locks somewhere in the middle of your attendants.  That way, if time is tight, your bridesmaid can always opt for an easier style that is quick to pin, which is not an option for you.

BE ON TIME: Listen, Alice, if there is anything that the rabbit has taught us, it's BE. ON. TIME. Pretty much EVERY VENDOR that you have searched for MONTHS to find, is booked by TIME.  DJ, band, photographer, videographer, venue, limo.....all booked and priced by TIME. The entire day becomes a game of dominoes....if your make-up is late, your hair will be late.  If the limo hasn't left you to make their next pick-up, then your arrival will be late, too.  Followed by the late ceremony start, continuing to the late (and rushed!!) pictures, only to have you enjoy about 50 minutes of your BIG DAY.  Ugh.  The only way to avoid this is to have a timeline and stick to it.  This way, if your day throws you any curve-balls, you'll still be able to walk down the aisle cool as a cucumber.

Last but not least....

LIBATIONS: Pace yourself.  It's a long day;)

xoVanessa & Jay