And now so is your day. After all, New Orleans can be sweltering or freezing depending on the time of year, which is why we offer what many facilities in New Orleans can’t – a veritable utopia of elegance that doesn’t need Mother Nature’s approval. So there’s no need for a Plan B. At the Balcony Ballroom, you get all the glitz and glamour you could ever ask for completely free from wind, rain, bugs, heat and cold. Not to mention, when you and your guests arrive they’ll do so under our convenient, well-lit covered drive, ensuring no one has to endure wet hair or damp suits. And if you or your guests brought a coat, one of our attendants will happily check it for you. For those of your guests that would like to step out for a moment, our climate-regulated area is perfect for them to still hear every toast and song from our sound system outside. So no matter the season, your ceremony and reception will unfurl in spacious splendor, just as you’ve imagined, with a temperature and feel impervious to everything but your wedding’s fun.