From our elegant grand ballroom with sky-high ceilings to sweet music that will have you tappin’ your feet and tripping the light fantastic, there is no better place to have your event than here. And no other venue in New Orleans can give you the whole megillah like the The Balcony Ballroom. 

We put the rainbow through the wringer and came up with over 4.2 billion colors for you to choose from. Try to get THAT with any other venue! You can’t. With our “Just For Hue” offerings, you get everything – gourmet food, beverages, music and impeccable service – but you also get a design specialist who will help you: 

  • Select table linens from a wide array of colors to match your specific color scheme
  • Coordinate every aspect of your event right down to glittering lights that will turn your day into one no one will forget and many will envy
  • Have our talented design specialists create a unique monogram or type treatment of your names to be prominently displayed at your event